Just a few months before Daniel Webb entered the Married At First Sight Experiment as an intruder looking for love, it’s been reported that he went through a life-altering experience.

The father-of-one reportedly had a near-death experience and was left fighting for life after a “holiday from hell” in Bali, Indonesia.

The incident occurred in July last year, two months before filming for MAFS began in September, when the 35-year-old was “run off the road” while on a moped scooter.


Dan reportedly fell down a cliff and after was found lying unconscious in a ditch by friends, who thought he was dead.

“His best friend, who was on a scooter ahead, found him unconscious in a ditch and thought he was dead,” a close friend of Dan’s said to Daily Mail Australia.

Dan reportedly continued to drift in and out of consciousness and told his friend to “tell my son I love him”.


He sustained serious in juries in the crash and was reportedly still recovering from the incident when he began filming for the Channel Nine reality TV show in later September.

The Gold Coast father’s helmet is said to have come off during the crash, which left his shoulder broken, a deep wound on his foot and a gash on his forehead.

“It was very touch and go for a while and he almost lost his foot, which had become infected,” the friend said.

Dan received emergency surgery in Bali before attempting to return to Australia to continue his recovery. However, it was at this point that he survived a second disaster, as an earthquake hit Lombok on August 5th, killing 563 people and grounding all flights.

“Dan was stranded in the airport while stuck in a wheelchair,” the source continued. “Once he finally got back to Australia, he had to spend a week in an infectious disease ward as it was still uncertain if he would lose the foot.”

Dan was still recovering from the incident as he married Tamara on MAFS. As all fans of the show know, he ended up leaving Tamara for fellow contestant Jess during the experiment, who is reportedly still in a relationship with today.



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