It seems that each season of Married At First Sight continues to get more controversial as they go on with the drama on the current sixth season reaching all new heights.

While this has secured an incredibly large TV audience, with each episode pulling over 1.2 million viewers, not everyone is happy about the drama.

Many viewers think that producers have gone too far with not just one, but two cheating scandals, physical altercations and pretty disgusting language, but it turns out they’re not alone.

In fact, even the executive producer for MAFS, John Walsh, has admitted that this season has gone too far and has said that he regrets how much some of the storylines have blown up.

Walsh told that he felt this season has been far too controversial and that he hopes to have “less cheating and drama” in the show’s seventh season next year.


“I wouldn’t like people to see a repeat f what they saw this year,” Mr Walsh said.

“It would just be absolute chaos if it was all cheating and all drama. While it’s fun to watch and it’s great to promo, I don’t think people will watch if that’s all it is.”

Despite what some people might think about the role producers play in these cheating story lines, Mr Walsh added that producers don’t actually like or encourage affairs between couples.

“We don’t actually like the cheating. It plays against the spirit of the experiment.”

Walsh also said that he was surprised by some of the behaviour displayed by contestants on this season, specifically that from the two season villains Ines Basic and intruder Susie Bradley.


He claimed that the “pressure” of the social experiment had brought out a side of the women that hadn’t been seen during casting.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Channel Nine bosses have been less than impressed with this season’s explosive nature and have told producer’s to tone down future episodes.

The publication reported that Nine CEO Hugh Marks was outraged with recent MAFS episodes and called an urgent meeting to review upcoming episodes.

John Wash appeared to confirm that this was true, saying that changes had been made to make the show more PG.

“It is true we have decided to pull back some editing, mostly though to do with Sunday night because of the PG rating,” he said.


Married At First Sight continues this Sunday at 7PM on Channel Nine.

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