Imagine standing at the altar at your wedding, psyching yourself up to marry to a complete stranger, only to realise one of the bridesmaids looks a tad familiar. 

That’s what happened to Married At First Sight’s Michael Brunelli as he prepared to marry Martha Kalifatidis. 


Michael admitted he noticed that one of the bridesmaid’s looked familiar but took awhile to place how he knew her.

Turns out it was none other than trusty Tinder. 

The couple confessed the news to WHO Magazine. 

I was in shock. Because I knew her face from somewhere. It took me a little bit of time to realise exactly how I knew her. Martha became aware of the situation,” Michael said. 


What’s more awkward is Martha only put two and two together when they were lying in bed together. 

“When we got home from the wedding, we were lying in bed, and saying, ‘We don’t really know one another.’ So I was like, ‘Let me show you some photos of me and my family.’,” Martha continued. 

“So we were on his phone, and he showed me a photo of him and his dad, and I basically dropped the phone, and was like, Oh my god. I have seen this photo, because you went on a date with my best friend. I was in shock.”

Thankfully it was only one date… 

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