Even though Married At First Sight’s Jessika and Dan haven’t been a couple for long, it appears their relationship is going from strength to strength.

But, has the 27-year-old admin assistant met the other ‘love’ in Dan’s life?

Speaking at an event last night, Jessika boasted: “He’s [Dan’s son] seen a photo of me and said ‘Daddy, your girlfriend is pretty!'”

In response, a fan asked Dan when he was planning on introducing Jessika to his son.

“We are just taking our time, building a foundation and building a relationship,” the car broker replied.

Jessika agreed, adding: “We want to make sure our love is strong enough to be there for him.”



However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the infamous couple since the show finished filming.

In the final reunion episode of the hugely-popular reality show, Dan discovers Jessika’s interest in Nic. 

News.com.au have exclusively revealed that Dan was so distraught by what he saw he immediately ended their relationship

“Dan and I did have a little break after the reunion,” Jessika told the publication.

“He’d seen the video of me saying I was sexually attracted to Nic, and his ego was hurt. Dan already knew about the conversation between Nic and I, he just didn’t know the extent of it.

“He said, ‘Obviously we’re not together now’,” Jessika continued.


“And I said, ‘Whatever, I never got what I wanted out of this relationship anyway’. I was being a brat.

“Two days later Dan reached out to me again, and I realised how much I missed him. We had a bit of a break, and we’re at the best we could ever be right now.”

The publication also confirmed that the 27-year-old had moved to the Gold Coast to be closer to the 35-year-old.

Married At First Sight’s two-part reunion finale starts on Sunday from 7pm on Channel Nine.

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