Mazda Australia has issued an urgent recall for over 70,000 Mazda 3 vehicles over fears that the windscreen wipers could stop working in heavy rain and cause an accident.

The recall was announced on May 2 by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission after it was discovered the some vehicles could be defective.

The affected Mazda 3 vehicles include cars from the previous generation ‘BM’ and ‘BN’ from the 2015-2017 model years.

It’s reported that there are 70,731 vehicles affected in the recall and that they were sold from 20 July 2015 through to 11 July 2017.

The recall notice states that affected vehicles could have a defective relay within the Front Body Control Module (F-BCM), which could cause the windscreen wipers to “become inoperative”.

“Drivers may experience reduced or poor visibility while driving due to inoperative front windscreen wipers, possibly causing an accident,” the recall says.

Mazda Australia will reportedly contact those affected by the recall.


“Customers will be advised to present their vehicle to their preferred Mazda Dealer for the replacement of the Front Body Control Module at no charge.”

Alternatively, Mazda customers can check their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) by visiting

The VIN is unique for each car and can be found in the owner’s manual.

For more information contact Mazda Customer Support on 1800 034 411.

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