Meat Loaf reportedly fell this weekend after taking part in a Q&A sessions at the Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention in Dallas.

The legendary singer, who has struggled with his health in recent years, was walking off stage when he tripped on some wires and fell.

At a local hospital, he was treated for a broken collarbone, TMZ reports.

Meat Loaf has yet to release any information on his condition, but Frightmare organizers noted he has agreed to take part in the festival again next year.

The Frightmare organizers also pledged to refund fans who paid for meet-and-greets that never happened because the singer had to be rushed to the hospital.

Meat Loaf revealed last year that a crippling back injury had kept him from performing with his band for the past few years. While he was walking on his own during the Q&A, the singer admitted he had to use a walker for some time while he recovered from surgery a few years ago.

Meat Loaf made news during one of his last tours when he collapsed during a performance in Edmonton, Canada. The episode was attributed to dehydration.


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Article: Andrew Magnotta

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