Celebrity chef Miguel Maestre noticed something when he recently went to the supermarket.

“We’re doing all the things we shouldn’t be doing”, he lamented to Botica’s Bunch, that like amid all this virus chaos, we’re forgetting how to shop properly.

“We’re not doing any homework,” he said. “We should be planning, we should be planning what we’re going to buy from the supermarket.”

Maestre said the key to making our bucks go further (which we need more than ever now) is to plan your menu for the week and make a list from that  before you hit the shops.

That way, you avoid “that crazy feeling of buying everything.”

When cooking, Miguel suggested thinking about “multi meals.”

“What I mean by that is, when you buy a whole chook, you’re trying to get two meals out of it,” he said.


“So you make a chicken soup on the Monday, you put the whole chicken in the stock with all your veggies, your leeks, your carrots.”

Then, take the whole chicken out of the pot and into the fridge.

“…don’t use the chicken, just have the soup with some pasta through it,” he said.

“Then, the next day, pick the flesh of the chicken to make tacos!”

Another thing people were focussing on, according to Maestre, were dry staples: flour, sugar and pasta.

“There’s more vegetables available than ever, because nobody’s buying them,” he said.


“Everybody’s just buying random stuff.”

While we don’t need to go shopping everyday, we need to be able to, and to avoid the panic, to remind ourselves that the supermarkets are still open and had another suggestion on how to make our dollar go further.

He suggested old classics like roasting whole vegetables, such as a pumpkin.

“Half one day for a beautiful pumpkin salad, the other half for a pumpkin soup the next day,” Maestre said.

Also, take some time to go through your pantry.

“There’s lots of things in the pantry that we never use, like random spices, garam masala and curry powder… use it!”


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