We knew that Australia’s obsession with Woolworths and Disney’s Ooshie collection was pretty huge, but holy moly! 

Many collectors across the nation are on the hunt for rare Ooshies that are separate to the main collection of 36 characters. As well as glitter Ooshies of Elsa, Captain Marvel, Woody and The Mandalorian, there is also 100 Thor and Baby Yodas scattered into stores as well. Each of these Ooshies is numbered 1-100 so they are quite unique.

It has been a waiting game for fanatics but the moment has arrived, a Baby Yoda has popped up on marketplace website eBay – and if people want to get their hands on it, it is going to cost them a fortune!

At the time of publishing, the advertisement had 80 bids and was standing at an incredible $85,100!

“First on eBay, individually numbered 059,” the description reads.

“Not to be confused with the normal green Yoda, this one is the baby and has felt/fur clothing.”


That is one VERY lucky shopping trip!

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