One of the enduring things about the Back To The Future trilogy are the Easter eggs, it’s part of what makes the movies so damn watchable.

Thing is, a new one just came to my attention and I’m almost sorry to say, as an avid BTTF fan, can’t say I’d ever noticed it until it was blatantly pointed out.

You’ll remember when Dr. Emmett Brown’s dog Einstein was the first to time travel in the DeLorean at the shopping mall in the middle of the night, leaving behind a sick pair of fire tyre trails. It’s actually hard to forget it.

It’s also where one of the first Easter eggs regarding time continuity occurs.

Rex Chapman tweeted the “mind-blowing revelation” from @hiddenmoviedetails on TikTok:




According to Futurepedia:

“During the experiment, Doc showed Marty how the keypad and display works, inputting famous dates of the birth of Jesus Christ, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, or 1955, when the concept for the flux capacitor was discovered. Doc then recalled a time when the mall was nothing but open fields, remembering how Old Man Peabody used to own the land on which the mall sat in 1985, as well as noting that Peabody bred pine trees as a hobby.


“When Marty travelled to 1955, he accidentally ran over one of a pair of pine trees in Mr. Peabody’s front yard when the shotgun-toting farmer opened fire on him, thinking the yellow-suited figure which had crashed into his barn was an alien disguised as a human.

“Subsequently, when Marty returned to 1985, there was only one pine tree on the illuminated sign at the mall entrance and, as a result, the mall’s name had changed to Lone Pine Mall.

While a handful of people aLreAdy KnEw *eyeroll* about the fact, it was definitely brand-new information for a lot of us which, for a movie that’s been around for 36 years, was so much fun to discover.


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