The very first VHS video my brother and I rented out from the local video shop in the mid-80s is getting new life on Netflix.

Thing is, while I know it features a 16-year-old Nicole Kidman – her debut film – that’s pretty much all I remember about BMX Bandits.

I also remember that she played Judy, who did all these wicked tricks on her yellow BMX… and we consequently learned a thing called suspending one’s belief because they were clearly done by a bloke in a red curly wig.


Inspired by the BMX action at the Olympics, Netflix posted this ridiculous-but-rad scene of Aussie cinematic nostalgia, along with the fact that they are currently streaming it.

It’s described as ‘A trio of teen BMX enthusiasts become entangled with a group of bank robbers after discovering their cache of walkie-talkies.’


If you’re anything like me and can’t remember a thing about this flick, might be the time to relive the classic.



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