It’s been described as ‘uncomfortable viewing’, ‘intensely disquieting’ and ‘extraordinary’ and today, it opens across most Australian cinemas.

For better or for worse, Nitram is one of the most anticipated Australian films in a long time as it’s about Martin Bryant, the lone gunman at the centre of the Port Arthur massacre of 1996, where 35 people lost their lives.

Nitram is his name spelled backwards, apparently a nickname from childhood. He is only referred to as ‘Nitram’ in the film.

Anthony LaPaglia and Judy Davis in ‘Nitram’.

“It’s something we never thought would happen in this country, it did, and it changed us,” our movie guy Ben O’Shea told Clairsy & Lisa on Thursday.

He added that if anyone should be aware of the sensitivities around this story it’s director Justin Kurzel, a Tasmanian resident himself.

O’Shea also posed the question of whether this film should have been made in the first place.


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Nitram opens today around Australia, except for Hobart, where cinematic release details are still being discussed.