Nicki Field’s had a heartbreaking encounter after tracking down her biological father. 

The Mirror reports that the 50-year-old Englishwoman used a home DNA kit through an ancestry website to find her dad. 

On her 13th birthday, 37 years ago, her mother told her the man she thought was her father, wasn’t.

After finding a match with a stranger who turned out to be her first cousin, she was able to eventually track down her biological dad. 

But what she thought would be a happy reunion turned into a nightmare as he refused to accept her as his daughter. 

However, the married dad-of-four refused to acknowledge his affair with her mother or accept her as his daughter.

“It was devastating to be told that neither he, nor any of his children, with whom I share an obvious family resemblance, wanted me in their lives,” Nicki said. 


“Most people don’t realise the power of these tests and the can of worms they can open.”

Over four million people in the UK are believed to be signed up to websites such as 23andMe or AncestryDNA.

Experts in the field have echoed her concern, warning that people can discover more-than-they-bargained for through the sites – like that they were donor-conceived or adopted. 

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