Forget lights and sirens, it seems that all police need to move stubborn bison off a highway is AC/DC.

More specifically, the 1980’s Back In Black classic, “Hells Bells”.

Officials at Yellowstone national park in Montana revealed they used the track after usual methods failed.

“When deputies respond to a bison on the road, they turn on lights and siren and encourage the animal to leave the road with an air horn,” a post by the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page read.

“With a reluctant bison, they’ve been known to play AC/DC’s ‘Hell’s Bells’ over the speakers – that usually seems to work.”

Comments on the post included other song suggestions, including “Buffalo Soldier”, “Baby Shark” or …anything by Taylor Swift.


Despite the success with “Hells Bells”, park guests are urged to not sound-blast the bison on their own.

‘Bison jams’ are pretty common in Yellowstone, which can leave motorists sitting idle for “30 minutes or longer”.

In July, a Canadian woman played Metallica’s “Don’t Tread on Me” to scare off a wild cougar.

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