It’s happening. Adele is *this close* to releasing her fourth studio album, 30.

We haven’t really seen anything new from Adele since 2015’s album, 25. Yep, it’s been six years.

Billboards had been popping up simply saying 30, and Adele changing her social media accounts and tweeting back ‘Hiya babes’ to Twitter’s cheeky ‘hello literally everyone’ post after the near-complete social media blackout yesterday, her new album was one of the worst kept secrets in recent weeks.

Now, Adele posted a brief clip of a track titled “Easy On Me” that due for release on October 15.

In the teaser, Adele puts a cassette tape into her car as a piano track begins to play and sheet music flies out of the windows. Very noir.

Adele had been working on this album since 2018, so to say we’re keen is an understatement.


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