A musical featuring the work of INXS and destined for Broadway and the West End is in development.

INXS’s long-term manager Chris Murphy and music labels Universal and Warner Chappell have signed on for a stage production drawing from more than 200 songs recorded by INXS since their inception in 1977.

Murphy has also teamed up with producer Michael Cassel, whose company was behind the Australian productions of Hamilton, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Kinky Boots, and The Lion King, to develop it.

“This presents an exciting opportunity to create a new theatrical story, using an extraordinary catalogue that has been enjoyed throughout the decades both here in Australia and internationally,” Cassel said.

“If all goes to plan, we could have a table reading with actors in Sydney sometime in early 2021 … that would be our hope,” Cassel told the Sydney Morning Herald, hinting that opening night curtains could raise just a year after that.

Murphy said that for a long time INXS’ music had been overshadowed.

“Like the constant media focus on Michael’s death, rather than the beauty and creativity it gave the world,” he said.


“We had to do something new, something different … and this is it.”


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