The Smiths, PJ Harvey, The Triffids… they’re all part of Federal Labor Leader Anthony Albanese’s personal vinyl collection.

“I did a little Insta Story coming into Karratha,” he told The Bunch on Wednesday.

“I filmed it and attached ‘Wide Open Road’ and my young team had no idea what it was… what’s a triffid?”

Albo remembers the moment he fell in love with the WA band.

“It was at a pub in Freo,” he recalled. “I was a student and had no money whatsoever with my then-girlfriend and we went to see The Triffids, which I’d heard of… but it was before they were big.”

Only last year did it come full circle.

Again, he was in Fremantle.


“One of the band came up and said, ‘Hi, I understand you like The Triffids,’ and I was like, ‘Wow, I saw you…’ and we talked [about seeing that first gig].”

“Band members remember every gig they’ve done.”

Albanese’s interest in music is actually pretty serious, it was while The Bunch were talking to him about another one of Albo’s faves, Joy Division, that he revealed he actually has a turntable in his office in Canberra.

“I’ve got Unknown Pleasures down there at the moment, you know, late in the afternoon… it’s interesting how many people don’t know that Joy Division became New Order.”

He continued.

“I’ve seen [New Order] a few times and when they did Joy Division songs like ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ it just went crazy.”


Then he just casually drops that he also moonlights as a DJ.


“Please say you’re MC Albo,” Clairsy said… to which Mr Albanese deadpanned, “I’m DJ Albo.”

“I play mainly that ‘90s, late ‘80s stuff.”

“Ahhh, you’d play the 12” mix of Blue Monday, I reckon,” Clairsy said.

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