The strongest rumour yet that Powderfinger are up to something is swirling, the biggest hint being a recent update to their socials, including a link for people to sign up to their mailing list.

Powderfinger’s last album was 2009’s Golden Rule and they haven’t performed together since November 2010.

But the changes to the band’s profile picture and cover image on Facebook… both throwbacks from the Finger’s heyday, has sent speculation wild.

Powderfinger’s newly-updated cover pic on Facebook

“I’m totally reading into the band updating their Facebook profile & cover pics!!!!! I need some dreams at this point of lockdown,” one fan commented.

“It’s on, I’m calling it, the band are back together, bring it boys,” wrote another.


Also, as Junkee pointed out, this November marks a decade since Powderfinger’s final performance, coupled with this September marking 20 years since the release of Odyssey Number Five, their most popular and acclaimed record.

So, updated socials, a active mailing list, 10 years since last gig, 20 years since Odyssey

That’s one helluva perfect storm.

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