Gavin Miller, legendary host of 96FM’s The Café on Sundays, is filling in for Clairsy & Lisa while they take a break.

During a chat with Gavin Miller, Daryl Braithwaite was asked what it was that made audiences froth over Horses.

“We’ve talked about it, the band and I, and you can’t pinpoint an answer.”

Braithwaite said he went as far as to ask Rickie Lee Jones, who originally wrote the song with Steely Dan’s Walter Becker, why people gravitate towards it.

“We still couldn’t find out but it’s a very good song lyrically, melodically and musically, I think that’s it… it’s just a fluke.”

Speaking of Rickie Lee Jones, Braithwaite said he had sent her about five emails over a 15-year period to thank her for writing such a great song but, for years, didn’t get much of an answer from her or her management.

“Let me guess,” Gavin chimed in, “She now sends you a Christmas Card every year,” referring to the royalties.


“Ugh, if only!” Braithwaite joked before saying that Jones got in contact with him after she herself was flabbergasted at the response to her performance of Horses at the Blues Festival in Australia about four or five years ago.

“My friend James Reyne was there,” Braithwaite recalled, “…and he was watching her and then she did Horses and the whole place erupted.”

“And she was like ‘my God, what’s happening, why do people know this song?’”

Of course, she’s aware now.

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