Dave Grohl recalled the ‘old guy’ moment he messed up when contributing his bit to the all-star cover of the Foo Fighters’ Times Like These.

The track, put together by the BBC, featured a huge range of guest artists (including Foo Fighter’s Taylor Hawkins playing ‘drums’ on a lava lamp lol) to help raise funds for the battle against the coronavirus.

Grohl told Entertainment Weekly he was ‘f—king humbled’ when he first heard about the project.

“I was so flattered you have no idea,” the Foos’ frontman said.

“I almost cried. I mean, for them to use a song that I had written on a fucking napkin at a difficult time in my life where I was scared but I was also hopeful… for them to use that song for such a good cause and then to bring together all of these amazing artists… I was f–king humbled, you know?”

While Grohl wasn’t part of the project originally but, when he was asked to, he was blown away.

“[The BBC] didn’t necessarily ask me at first to sing the whole song but they were like, ‘If you’d like to sing a verse or a chorus, we’d love to have you’,” he said.


“So, I’m watching these performances come in and these people can f—king sing — our version is like Motörhead at a dive bar down the street, and this is beautiful.”

Then Grohl did something we’ve all done.

“They told me, ‘Just make sure you film yourself in landscape’,” he said.

“…and of course being the old guy, I don’t even know what landscape is.

“So I just sent them the up-and-down version… It was mortifying.”

Grohl then later admitted that he’s “practically Amish” when it comes to technology.


“I can barely use a laptop or an iPhone,” he said.

“I really am so analogue it’s ridiculous.”

The all-star version of Times Like These reached No.1 on the UK charts.

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