Let’s face it, 2020 sucked, but Foo Fighters are making sure it ends on a high note. On Tuesday, the band teased that new music was coming “sooner than later,” and they weren’t kidding. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, they dropped a new single off their upcoming album Medicine at Midnight called “No Son Of Mine.”

The track picks up where the album’s lead single “Shame Shame” left off, showing a groovier side of the Foos while still bringing the rock.

“Since it’s our tenth record and 25th anniversary, we decided years ago that we wanted to do something that sounded fresh,” Dave Grohl recently told NME about the new album. “We’ve made some many different types of album, we’ve done acoustic things, we’ve done punk-rock things, mid-tempo Americana type of things. We have a lot of albums to fall back on, so you just have to go with our gut feeling and I thought instead of making some mellow adult album, I thought ‘F**k that, let’s make a party album.’”

“I hate to call it a funk or dance record, but it’s more energetic in a lot of ways than anything we’ve ever done and it was really designed to be that Saturday night party album,” he continued. “It was written and sequenced in a way that you put on, and nine songs later you’ll just put it on again. Y’know, songs like ‘Making A Fire.’ To me that’s rooted in Sly & The Family Stone grooves, but amplified in the way that the Foo Fighters do it.”

Medicine at Midnight is slated for a February 5, 2021 release and can be pre-ordered here. Listen to “No Son Of Mine” above.

Article: Katrina Nattress

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