The silverlining to all this staying at home stuff could easily be the sheer amount of stuff that’s being offered online.

Workouts, museum walk-throughs and Disney rides… it’s only a click away.

But the best thing? Having some of our fave musos uploading instructional tutorials to their Insta and YouTube channels.

Here’s some of what’s on offer:

Brian May

Queen guitarist Brian May has uploaded vids giving fans a close  look at how he plays We Will Rock You, Hammer to Fall, and the solo to Bohemian Rhapsody


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We WILL Rock You !!! – again – given half a chance !!! 😉 Micro Moment #11. This is the riff I get asked about most often. It gets that strange ‘clang’ to it because I’m playing a high ‘A major’ chord as a ‘bar’ on strings 2, 3 and 4, way up at the octave position, but the A-string is not fretted – it’s left behind at the bottom sounding a low open ‘A’. So you get that ‘interference’ between the harmonics of the component notes. Especially with the amp turned up into distortion, as here. I’m not hitting the bottom ‘E’ at all. When we first recorded this, I was determined to break all the rules. Including putting the solo at the end of the song instead of somewhere in the middle ! And having no drums !!! Funny – ironically it became a drum favourite – which makes me very happy ! But the stamps and claps became a trade-mark. Here you can hear the guitar with NOTHING else !!! Cheers ! Bri

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Roger Taylor, Queen

The legendary Queen drummer goes into detail the strokes required to be a good at the skins. He’s also shared short vids from other drum masters like Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden) and Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction).


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Using double strokes and single strokes. Be well. RT x @officialqueenmusic @dwdrums @zildjiancompany #DontStopUsNow #innerlight2020

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Paul Stanley, Kiss


Over on Kiss’ YouTube, Paul Stanley has a good ol’ chat about how he wrote some of his songs, such as “Love Gun”.

David Ellefson, Megadeth

The Megadeth bassist’s mentoring foundation has uploaded a few videos, including one of Ellefson discussing and playing some of the bass riffs that influenced him.

Insofar as paid content… here’s what you can get:


Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana has created 16 lessons where he teaches what he calls “the art and soul of guitar.” The ‘Masterclass’ series ranges from what he’s learned from the blues and world music to fronting a band to his own words of wisdom.

Tom Morello

Also partnering with Masterclass, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello offers 26 lessons. They include going through his effects rig, his diverse set of influences, how to get the most out of practice time, theory and songwriting.

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