You know when you go see a band and at least half the set is brand new material you’ve never heard?

Black Sorrows frontman Joe Camilleri was straight-up that this doesn’t happen at the APIA Good Times Tour.

In fact, none of the touring bands do.

“You put all the new stuff behind you, you don’t have to do that,” he said. “It’s about the audience, it’s about them having a really good time, it’s not about discovering some lost gem.”

So, we’re talking Brian Cadd, Linda & Vika Bull, Deborah Conway, Kate Cebrano, Leo Sayer, Wendy Matthews, John Paul Young and Mr Camilleri… in a concert that’s just all the hits.

Thing is, when The Bunch mentioned that the gig was at the Perth Concert Hall, Joe had an extraordinary story about the venue… and how one of the most iconic Black Sorrows songs was written, rehearsed and performed there… like in one day.

“I’ll always remember that gig,” Camilleri recalled.


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