It’s been well-documented that despite writing morose music, the members of Nirvana liked to have a laugh when they weren’t onstage. A couple months ago, a hilarious letter to fans was unearthed, mapping out a satirical promotional campaign ahead of Nevermind. Now, an English promoter named David McLean is recalling an unbelievable story from 1991 that involves a parking lot, soccer, and Chippendales strippers.

“After Nottingham Rock City, the Chippendales – a group of male strippers – were in the hotel bar,” he told The Guardian (via NME). “For some reason, Nirvana’s manager said, ‘Fancy a game of five-a-side [soccer]?’”

“So Nirvana played a game of five-a-side versus the Chippendales in the car park. Kurt was quite fit and Dave got stuck in. I can’t remember who won but for the rest of the night I pulled a bit of a fast one and pull all the drinks on the Chippendales’ manager’s room.”

He also reflected on Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain’s “great” personalities. “Everyone says Dave is the nicest man in rock. Kurt was great too,” he said. “I remember his piercing blue eyes. He was such a genuine person. He put up a disco ball in the tour bus and would sing ‘Dancing Queen’ because he loved ABBA.”


Article: Katrina Nattress

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