A recent release of the 25th anniversary edition of 1995’s ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’ has pushed the Oasis mega-hit ‘Wonderwall’ to one billion streams.

The billion milestone is all the sweeter as it’s just weeks ahead of the track’s own 25th anniversary.

‘Wonderwall’ was released as a single on October 30, 1995.

Last year, Rolling Stone estimated that “Wonderwall” was generating about $2,650 in recorded-music royalties on Spotify every 24 hours, or $1 million a year.

Liam Gallagher recently chatted to the mag about the billion streams and he was quick to blame is brother.

“You know who that is — that’s Noel, probably. He sat there for an hour and a half, constantly on that finger, click click, click. That’s why he’s always pointing at people.”

Jokes aside, he continued.


“All I can say is people love it. And people hate it. I’m not comparing it to ‘Imagine,’ but a lot of people say, ‘“Imagine” — f**k that,’ but some people say it’s one of the best songs around.”

He also admitted his own ambivalent relationship with ‘Wonderwall’ but why he has to love it.

“I’ve done many gigs where I say, ‘Here’s a song some of you don’t like,’ but everyone goes apeshit,” he says.

“I love playing it now. The minute you don’t, everyone clicks off. People pay f**king good money, and you should give ‘em what you got. The song is bigger than us.”

Oasis split in 2009 following a fight between brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher, who are still on pretty crappy terms today.

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