Not happy with the swathes of Christmas albums out there, Paul McCartney did what any of us would do – record your own.

Sir Paul made the revelation in a recent interview with the Beeb.

“Years ago, I thought, ‘There’s not very good Christmas records’,” he told BBC’s World at One.

“I’d quite like something a bit traditional and simple and easy, with all the Good King Wenceslas and all of that.

“So, I actually went into my studio over a couple of years and I made one.”


But before you head out to your local Sanity store to pick up a copy, there’s a catch.


None of it has been – or will be – released.

It’s just for his family.

“It gets brought out each year, I’ve just got a little demo of it, but the kids like it,” he added.

“It’s something they’ve heard through the years, and now it’s the grandkids getting indoctrinated with my carols record.”

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