On the eve of their final date of their ‘4YRLV’ tour, local rockers Gyroscope dropped in to the 96FM studios for a mini-gig with Botica’s Bunch.

But not before a quick chat about the fact that they’ve been around since 1997… that’s 22 years.

Frontman Dan Sanders and guitarist Zoran Trivic reflected on their time performing alongside some of the biggest names in festival shows, including Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and Oasis.

Lisa couldn’t help but ask about the Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam.

But despite Dan and Zoran saying that Oasis was “sort of like a myth” and didn’t see them much backstage, they did reveal a tidbit on the notorious brothers when they were recording their last full-length record at Rockfield, a studio in Wales.


Gyroscope’s Dan and Zoran with Botica’s Bunch on Friday.

It was the same studio that Queen recorded A Night At The Opera and Oasis recorded their masterpiece, What’s The Story, Morning Glory.

“It’s like a farmstay,” Zoran said.

“It’s a working farm with a studio and accommodation and they were like ‘Yeah, the rooms you’ll be staying in were the same that the Gallagher brothers were in and we had to change the door a few times because they would have feuds and they would go run in there and slam the door and go in for a brother punch-up’.”


The guys said that Rockfield felt ‘haunted’, but only in the way that so many greats had recorded there.

“[Rockfield] definitely set a vibe,” Dan said.

“The dartboard was the one that Ozzy Osbourne used, and the piano was the one that old mate wrote Bohemian Rhapsody on,”….old mate being Freddie Mercury, of course.

“So, if you were down at any time, you go play darts and you just think … wow… this is amazing.”

Zoran then piped up…

“I dunno why they got us in there then…” he deadpanned.


After some laughs, the guys fired up their guitars for an acoustic performance of Baby, I’m Getting Better… which, TBH, proved exactly why they deserved to record at Rockfield.

Check it out up top…


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