The Offspring have been teasing their new album for so long that even the band members have started joking that fans shouldn’t believe them, but on Monday, guitarist Noodles and frontman Dexter Holland revealed that their 10th album is done and coming out this year.

“It’s finished, it’s done, it’s in the can as they say,” Dexter said in an audio announcement.

“We’ve got songs, we’ve got titles, we’ve got a label, we’ve got an album title, we’ve got a cover, we’ve got artwork and stuff.

“It’s ready to go. We’re putting this out.

“We have a release date, and we’re going to talk about all that stuff when the label lets us.”


Of course, they’re not sure when that green light will come, so for now we have to believe their word (which might be hard considering Noodles said the album was done two years ago).

As far as it’s sounds, back in 2019 Noodles declared “It sounds like our old s***!”