One of the biggest reunions in recent memory has been that of ABBA… and Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl couldn’t be more excited.

Last month, the supergroup released “I Still Have Faith In You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down” after a 40-year hiatus.

The former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman told the BBC of the reunion: “Oh my god, I’m such a big ABBA fan. When I saw that they were coming back and they had a record, I shot that link to 100 people I knew, then listened to the new song and wept like a baby. I cried like a baby. Oh man!”

He also revealed that he’d be open to playing the drums for ABBA, however, he also said he’s always happy to sit down at any drum kit.

“I’m not kidding dude, I will get up and play drums at your cousin’s bar mitzvah! Show me a drum set and I will sit down to it. So yes, I would play with ABBA.”

Grohl gushed that “ABBA can do no wrong,” noting that it felt as though no time had passed since their last release four decades ago.

While Grohl awaits a call from ABBA so that he can play drums for them, the rock legend has lent his famous throne to Greyhawk bass player Darrin Wall, who took a bullet to his leg after preventing a mass shooting during a concert in Boise, Idaho.


Grohl is also preparing to release his new memoir, The Storyteller, on October 5, and the rocker has been taking trips down memory lane. Recently, the former Nirvana drummer shared which Foo Fighters songs he had written while still living with Kurt Cobain in the band’s early years.

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