Towards the end of the Foo Fighters’ classic ‘Everlong’, Dave Grohl whispers something, but what is it?

Grohl has finally confirmed what we’ve been trying to make out since The Colour And The Shape album came out in 1997.

As the instruments drop out towards the end of the track, a distorted Dave Grohl can be heard, as if he’s talking down a phone line.

Grohl has admitted it is a “story about a studio technician’s father,” which was backed up when the song appeared on Rock Band 2 and fans were able to properly break down the track.

And, not gonna lie, it’s a bit sad.

As far as we can tell, the words whispering says:

“So Dad would take the Sundays off,


“And that’s the only time he could ever get any rest,

“And so, because we were loud on Sundays,

“He’d make us hold his construction boots over our head, till he’d sleep

“And they were really heavy boots

“And I’d used to say dad come on please

“And like start crying, cause they’re too heavy.”


Listen to the whole thing here…

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