For more than 40 years, once a year, the village of Werchter, Belgium, gets the full Glastonbury treatment with a huge festival called Rock Werchter.

However, over the years, another festival sprouted from the original Rock Werchter – it’s called the TW Classic.

It’s not as hectic and huge – but that’s the appeal.

Firstly, a quick lesson: The ‘TW’ in the TW Classic stands for Torhout-Werchter, which is pronounced “Tor-Howt-Veck-Ter” in Dutch.

The TW Classic

They called it a ‘tried and tested recipe’: a single stage and a select group of artists with a proven track record.

So, you’re getting a sure thing.


Previously, headliners have included Elton John (2007), Rolling Stones (2015), Bruce Springsteen (2013, 2016), Guns ‘N’ Roses (2017) and, last year, Bon Jovi.

This year? It’s all killer and absolutely no filler…in fact, The Killers are on the bill.

So are Crowded House and *deep breath* Sir Paul McCartney!

And we want to send you there as part of 96FM’s Tour De Europe!

Yep, you and a mate could be heading to Belgium to see Sir Paul, Crowded House and The Killers at the TW Classic.

But that’s just the beginning!


We’re then going to send you off to Copenhagen to see the legendary Eric Clapton live in concert before heading to Hamburg to rock out to Lenny Kravitz.

You’ll then round out the Euro trip in Nice for the second stage of the Tour De France, VIP-style!

Oh, and we’ll also thrown in $10,000!


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