The day has finally arrived for us to watch Weezer and Fall Out Boy’s Celebrity Family Feud episode in full and the guys did not disappoint.

We learned all the way back in February that the two bands would be facing off on Celebrity Family Feud and some fans on Twitter posted behind-the-scenes footage of the bands on the iconic game show.

Over the weekend, the official Family Feud YouTube posted the episode for us to enjoy with five separate videos from the bands’ episode and it was definitely worth the wait.

Pete Wentz and Rivers Cuomo had us laughing just seconds into the show when Wentz greeted Cuomo with a slightly awkward hug. “I think that’s the first time we’ve ever hugged,” the FOB bassist laughed to which the Weezer frontman replied, “Maybe the last time.”

Throughout the whole episode, the guys had some hilarious and really weird answers for each question that had host Steve Harvey doubled over laughing. From finding poop in food to strippers in hell looking like your grandma there was no shortage of laughter.


Weezer ended up taking the first round with 66 points while Fall Out Boy came back to win the second round with 82 points after Weezer couldn’t get an answer on the board. Everything was looking good for Weezer who scored an additional 144 points in round three.

But sadly, their reign didn’t last long as Fall Out Boy (and Seth Green) won the last round and put them in the lead to play Fast Money.

Wentz and Patrick Stump felt confident to do the honors of playing Fast Money and boy did they have some interesting answers to give. Watch the full video below.


Article: Eliot Hill

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