For many of us, we have a ticket to something in the near future, but… that’s just the problem. We don’t know what’s happening in the near future.

So, what do we do with our tickets to gigs that are now cancelled?

Promotor John Zaccaria wants you to simply keep your ticket.

“Were asking patrons and fans of the various concerts that everyone’s got on the go, not just Zaccaria, to keep their ticket,” he told Botica’s Bunch.

“We will deliver what we said we were going to deliver – it’s just going to be in a different month.”

Zaccaria said the industry was worth $50 billion, just in Australia.

“Think of the hospitality and everything else that goes with it, it’s not just about the performers or the promoters, it’s about the bar staff, the cleaners the food vendors, the crew… the tech guys…”


Lisa chimed in.

“The sound guy, the roadies…”

Zaccaria agreed and added that it was an industry that also lived from gig to gig, festival to festival.

“Not everyone’s Elton John,” Lisa said.

Hit PLAY to listen in… and why opting for a refund may not be the way to go…

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