It seems that celebrities and sauces really do go together – Bon Jovi has a pasta sauce, Manu has a line of sauces (because of course he does) and you can’t talk about celebrity condiments and sauces without the one who started it all, Paul Newman.

But speaking of sauces, would Aussie music legend Paul Kelly ever come out with his own brand of… gravy?

I mean, c’mon, off the back of Australia’s unofficial Christmas anthem, How To Make Gravy, surely it would be the next step for Kelly?

“It’s been suggested but nah, I just try to stick to things I do well,” he told Botica’s Bunch on Tuesday.

“I mean, Paul Newman did his pasta sauce, didn’t he..?” Kelly added.

The chat then took a quick detour into ‘cooking with Paul Kelly’ territory.

“I think gravy has to be made on the spot,” he said, to which Lisa agreed.


“The whole purpose of the song is that it suggests that it has to be made with the juices of the meat,” she said.

“There’s no other way to do it.”

Kelly chimed in with a matter of fact “that’s right.”

Fred then brought the chat back around to what Paul Kelly hinted at what he did well – music.

He mentioned his fond memories of when Kelly brought his ‘A to Z Recordings’ show to Perth and would he ever do a show like that again, performing his songs in alphabetical order?

Well, get this – Kelly was pretty open to the idea.


“Yeah, I reckon it’s about time for that to come around again,” he said, adding that it was a fun show to do as it’s like a game for audiences.

“I reckon in the next couple of years I might do a series of those again, it’s a really good way for me to keep in touch with songs, songs that I don’t play that often.”

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Paul Kelly’s Making Gravy Tour, December 7, Optus Stadium

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