Netflix has issued a warning for viewers who may find some scenes in its new documentary, Our Planet, disturbing.

Narrated by David Attenborough, the documentary series highlights how interconnected life on Earth is while reiterating the adverse role human development like overfishing, deforestation and climate change has on our wildlife.

“As you make your way through @OurPlanet, here are some moments animal lovers may want to skip,” Netflix announced in a tweet.

However, it’s a scene featuring a walrus that is particularly tough to watch.

At the end of episode two, viewers are introduced to a gathering of walruses who huddle onto a tiny stretch of dry rock due to the shrinking sea ice in the Arctic. In their desperate attempt to climb to safety, many lose their footing, plunging to their death.

Producer Sophie Lanfear has referred to the scene as “the hardest thing I’ve ever had to witness or film in my career”. 


“What we think is going on is that the ones at the top can probably hear the ones in the water, and they can sense that there is water below. They teeter on the edge, and they just can’t work out how to get down there,” she told the New York Times.

“I was expecting that perhaps the walruses would tumble down, but at the end, they’d be O.K. I really wasn’t prepared for the scale of death. So it’s just tragic. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

People on social media have also expressed their distress at the scene.

“Literally full on sobbed to the walrus moment,” one viewer tweeted.

Another tweeted: “More Watching Our Planet and sobbing over what we’ve done.”


‘Our Planet’ can be streamed on Netflix now.

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