On Friday, we learned that American rockers Nickelback were heading down under for their 2019 ‘Feed The Machine’ tour – their first time back in Australia since 2015.

However, their dates only include Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Thing is, I have to be honest, I’m getting pretty sick of writing stories about bands announcing an ‘Australian’ tour… only to leave Perth off the list.

Whatever your stance on Nickelback, this isn’t just about Nickelback.

I mean, the news comes just 24 hours after rock icons the Eagles announced their Aussie tour, which doesn’t include Perth (or Adelaide, another city that gets it).  At least their tour promoter, Michael Gudinski (the same bloke who brought Ed Sheeran to Perth in March) addressed it.

“I wish I could have got them to do Adelaide and Perth, but times were limited,” he said.

The same couldn’t be said for Bon Jovi, who will be in the country in December but won’t make the trip west either.


Transport and logistical costs are a common reason for leaving WA off the itinerary, but heaps of big international acts manage to do it, including Pink, who, considering the sheer amount of theatre involved with her Beautiful Trauma tour would’ve been nothing short of bananas to haul across the country.  Adding to the list of confirmed acts for Perth are music powerhouses Def Leppard and Phil Collins.

Sure, it might be super pricey for bands to go west, but for fans, heading to an interstate gig can be just as super pricey, because it’s suddenly not just about the price of a ticket anymore, is it?

It’s the fans who dictate a band’s success, and Perth music fans are continually tested over gig dates.

Those who reconcile the costs – all of them – to support their favourite band, we salute you.

But it shouldn’t have to be this way.

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