Nicole Kidman has suggested that she may have another child, aged 49.

She has revealed that she has her ‘strongest driver’ ever and said one her children ‘wants another one, the other one doesn’t’. She added: ‘I never say never’.

The actress has two children with husband Keith Urban, Faith (6) and Sunday (8) as well as being the mother of Bell (24) and Connor (21, who she adopted with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. She has previously revealed that she has not ruled out adopting more children, but this time she appeared to suggest she could be open to giving birth.

Kidman revealed that there is a trend of older births in her family, with her Grandmother having her last child at 49.

She added: ‘I never say never because the maternal pull is strong. My sister has six children…My grandmother had her last child at 49. 

‘They said she’d been the oldest woman to give birth in the hospital…At that time that was pretty unusual.’ 

Kidman was speaking at a screening of her new movie Lion in New York, in which she plays an adoptive parent.

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