Dougie our motorsport guy is bringing you his insider’s guide to “whats on” at Motorplex!

As you know, he loves everything to do with fast cars and fumes, so we think he’s the perfect person to let you know what’s hot this year at Motorplex!

He’ll tell you about all the upcoming action at the Burnouts, and will be your go-to guide for a family day out at the Speedway.

Don’t miss any of the action with his inside scoop each week all about Drag Racing, Burnouts, monster Trucks, Super Speedway and more.


Hey guys,

So Powerpalooza was a massive night and it’s given us a taste for what the season has to bring!


But it doesn’t end there – there’s some FAST and LOUD events on the cards and they’re gonna be great day out for the family!

First up, there’s Scardifields Smash Repairs Sprintcar King of Wings and the Carbuster Demolition Derby, locked in for Saturday, November 18.

It’s gonna be the full cast of fast on show with Jason Kendrick, Shaun Bradford, Jamie Maiolo, Benny Ellement, Carl Dowling, Kye Scroop, Mitchy Wormall, Andrew Priolo – AND the defending King of Wings and AHG Series Champion, Brad Maiolo.

The wings continue with the 360 Sprintcar Power Series, Limited Sprintcars, Formula 500’s and they’re throwing in the Awesome Late Models.

Rounding out the event will be the first Carbusters Demolition Derby for the season and the demons of destruction will battle it out for the $5,000 prize money.

If you’re into big hits and bigger skids, you need to chuck Saturday, November 25th in your diary. Like now. Get your phone out and set an alarm as BURNOUT BOSS is BACK on the Perth Motorplex burnout pad! Yasssssss.


It’s getting closer to Christmas, right? OK, while there won’t be any Christmas Carols, there will be the sweet, sweet sound of the drag cars.

Saturday, December 2 is the date the BIGGEST show in drag racing – The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars is happening.

The Aeroflow Nitro Funny Car extravaganza takes over the Perth Motorplex when your favourite Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars hit the track including the eastern states invasion by Nitro Express, Red Devil, Let’s Boogie, One Bad Kiwi, Storm Trooper and more take on our local heroes in Nitro Thunder, Beach Bomb, Fundamental and No Laughing Matter in a head to Nitro Fuelled Funny Car Frenzy!

Talk about a nitro fix!

Here’s a tip though – get there early to see the ‘Salute to the Fans’ with all the Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars starting up at once on the Drag Strip!

Of course, all your usual Supercharged action with the Direct Mining International Summer Slam Series, Dragsters, Funny Cars and Altereds in Top Comp along with 150 of WA’s toughest Sportsman racers… which means one helluva evening of non-stop entertainment.


Seriously, these are set to be awesome nights! Get your tickets now at

– Dougie

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