Olivia Newton-John’s Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in Melbourne is at the forefront of a sophisticated scam that is being used to take large sums of cash from Newton-John’s fans.

According to her publicist, some fans have been asked to send charitable donations to the cancer research centre.

Michael Ciprio wrote on the official Facebook page “We have found out that some fans have been scammed out of thousands of dollars by people saying they are Olivia (with FAKE accounts).’’

Ciprio went on to warn that the impersonators have been using Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to deceive fans into thinking the 70-year-old performer had contacted them asking for money.

The stars media team went onto say that Olivia would never send them a message asking for cash.

“If you get a message from anyone saying they are Olivia – this is a scam!” he warned. “We are in the process of getting these fake accounts shut down but, wanted to let you all know now to avoid others being scammed.”

Fans were quick to comment saying they had been targeted, with one saying “I had one a pm asking me if I accept a lunch with Olivia and her team in my hometonw [sic]…. they wanting to give me a prize for 1 of the best fan on FB. I directly blocked it.


Keep your eyes out and ignore it, if you get one!

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