Optus is being slammed after the company hired a male stripper at their office Christmas party last year.

The telco company previously denied hiring the stripper, but backflipped on those claims after footage of a male dancer with golden tassels covering his genitals emerged on social media.

Footage has been discovered showing the man sitting on the lap of an employee, and reportedly pouring wine over his body. Further vision reveals the performer doing a racy dance routine in front of Optus employees. 

Prior to admitting to hiring the stripper, the company reassured stakeholders that an act like this would not be prohibited at an Optus event.

“Performers were carefully selected and their performance style deemed suitable for our corporate Christmas function,” said the spokeswoman.


However, the telco company completely retracted their previous statement once explicit footage from the event emerged, proving that they did pay for the performer. 

A female employee told the Australian Financial Review that the act was incredible inappropriate. 

“If it were to be a topless or pants-less female on stage carrying on in that manner there would be complete uproar,” she told the publication.

“Why should there be a double standard? This should never be acceptable.”

The Optus spokeswoman said that this “particular performance does not reflect the broader values of the company.”

The event organiser has reportedly left the company.


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