We’re not gonna muck around here, when your movie guy says, “this show comes with the highest level of recommendation,” you sit up and listen.

Ben O’Shea normally joins Botica’s Bunch on a Thursday morning and this chat was really no different.

Except it was.

Straight out of the gate, O’Shea not only said “this comes with the highest level of recommendation,” he backed that up with: “This is one of the best things I’ve seen on TV this year.”

O’Shea is clearly a changed man after seeing Hamilton, which is now streaming on Disney+.

They reportedly paid $70 million for the footage of a 2016 performance on Broadway with the original cast.

It’s not an adaptation. It’s a full performance, filmed from every angle.


“You can make the case that it’s even better than being in the theatre because you really see the acting up close the sound is amazing,” O’Shea said. “You get just the right angle for every particular moment.”

The thing about Hamilton is that not only has it won everything, Tony Awards, Grammy Awards and even a Pulitzer for Drama – O’Shea said he didn’t realise just how good it actually was until he watched it.

“It’s the best piece of musical theatre ever,” he said, marking the trifecta of his 10/10 comments.

Hamilton doesn’t even take the time to warm up, with O’Shea explaining that within the first minute, your jaw hits the floor with ‘wow’.

“Like there’s just one wow moment after another,” he said.

One of the scenes, a wedding reception, sounds incredible.


“They’re about to do a toast, then the music and the actors start to do this ‘rewind’ thing and they all sort of work backwards to when Hamilton was first introduced to his wife.

It then continues with a different song with the same beat, sung by a different sister who is secretly in love with him and it tells her perspective of their courtship and then the marriage and it ends up in the same place back at the reception.”

Conceptually, it’s brilliant.

To put this into perspective, tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway are like $600 each, so yeah, we can’t think of a better reason to get that free 7-day trial.

Hit PLAY below to hear Ben’s full wrap, it’s totally worth it



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