Parents and kids alike are going crazy trying to collect ‘Little Shop’ toys, the miniature plastic grocery items released by Coles, with collections being offered on eBay for thousands of dollars.

One recent listing, that includes all 30 of the collectable items as well as the extra “collectors case” was asking for $1000 plus $13.80 postage, saying it’s a “great item for a collector to have”.

“Very rare to find a brand new complete set,”

“Been opened then put straight into the collectors case.”

The “Little Shop” collectables are tiny plastic replicas of items including Vegemite, Nutella, toothpaste, nappies that are free to customers when they spend over $30 in one transaction.


Just after releasing the collectables Coles was forced to defend its use of plastic-based giveaways.

“At Coles we take our responsibility for managing our environmental and social impacts seriously. As a business we are committed recycling and minimising waste,” said a Coles spokesperson. \

“We have been overwhelmed by customer response to Little Shop. We know that customers are keeping the mini collectables and accessories, reusing them on a regular basis or sharing them with their friends and family.”

Coles say they have experienced an unprecedented level of demand for the toys.


“Due to the overwhelming popularity of Coles Little Shop, we have nearly sold out of the limited-edition merchandise,”

“Unfortunately we cannot guarantee we can fulfil your orders of the below Little Shop merchandise lines when ordered online.”

Coles Little Shop collectables will be available in supermarkets until August 28.

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