An increasing number of anti-vaxxers are refusing to vaccinate their dogs for potentially deadly diseases under the false impression that it could develop autism. 

The shocking new trend has seen a number of Australian pet owners opt for alternative methods of medication. 

“It is increasingly worrying how many people are analysing and making decisions based on what they can get off YouTube and Google, rather than from peer-reviewed research or legitimate scientific journals,” veterinarian Dr. Kovac told The Daily Telegraph.

“Pet anti-vaxxers are adamant that vaccinations can cause deleterious effects as severe as autism, despite the fact there are no recorded cases of animals with the condition,” he added.

The Sydney veterinarian believes those who refuse to vaccinate their animals do not deserve to have animals as pets, even if they take the holistic approach. 


“There is no holistic alternative to the vaccine… they’re not only exposing their pet to a horrible demise but through their own negligence they are a risk to others in the community,” he explained.

Bondi vet Julia Crawford has referred to those who believe the important vaccinations are related to autism as “ridiculous” and “outrageous”. 

The Australian Veterinarians Association advises owners to get core vaccinations for dogs against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and canine cough.

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