“When the bridge collapsed the whole building shook, it just sounded like an earthquake.”

That’s how Wade Herdsman described the moment a walkway, used by hundreds of city workers everyday, gave up the ghost on Monday afternoon.

The bridge, which joined Westralia Square and the Alluvion building, collapsed about 3.30pm.

Before the collapse, the area had been cordoned off as there had been reports of cracks appearing.

No one was injured but the structural integrity of city buildings are being called into question.

City worker Tony told 6PR it was lucky the decision had been made to rope off the area earlier in the day.

“Obviously because of the weather we’ve had initially most of us thought it was a lightning strike and then everyone started running to one side of the building and then we realised what was actually the issue,” he said.


“I’m talking about a concrete and steel walkway that weighs probably in excess of 50 tonnes at least just came crashing down.

“Fortunately, whoever spotted the fault in it this morning has obviously saved quite a number of lives, because when it came crashing down, it came crashing down.

“If anyone was below it they’d no longer be here with us.

“Huge kudos to whoever spotted out the faults in the walkway because that walkway is used by thousands of people per day going through as a route to their [workplace].

The cause of the collapse is unknown.

A second bridge has since been cordoned off over fears it too could collapse.

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