The Spud Shed in Bayswater had its final hurrah on Saturday night before closing its doors.

Wait. Hang on, there is no Spud Shed in Baysie.

At least not officially.

However, Stephen Hardy’s place, which he shares with three other housemates, has been nicknamed the Spud Shed for years.

“We’ve always thought it looked like a Spud Shed,” he told WAtoday.

“So, a while ago, we started calling our house the Spud Shed and it kind of just stuck.”

On Saturday night, the household celebrated the end of their lease by throwing a ‘Galati party’, where everyone was encouraged to dress up like the man himself, Tony Galati.


Hardy said that partygoers had no idea that he had reached out to Galati to make a cameo appearance.

“No one knew except us he was coming,” Hardy told WAtoday.

“When we talked to him, he said ‘look, I’ll come to your party. And I’ll tell you what, I’ll even bring some spuds.”

This video taken of Galati’s arrival went absolutely bonkers after it was shared online…

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