Arcade game lovers, get ready to lose your damn minds.

Perth is getting a new bar and (sorry, just catching my breath as I write this) it will be the new home of more than 100 retro arcade games.

We’re talking Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat as well as Daytona USA and Sega Rally.

Palace Arcade is set to open in Northbridge around August.

“I remember when you could play Double Dragon when it used to be, I think, 50 cents,” Paul said, almost self-combusting.

“And oh my god, I would beg my parents for just 50, gimme 50 cents just for Double Dragon.


Thing is, many of the games were part of Saran Bajaj’s personal collection of vintage arcade games -he’s currently on his final buying trip.

Arcade Palace is yet to open but its Instagram page, which was only launched on May 31, is fully active – and has already snagged more than 650 followers. Even other Perth bars, like Frisk, has asked about the games (for those interested, they asked specifically if they’re getting Golden Axe).

However, Arcade Palace will be far from an afterthought in a dingy pool hall.

Bajaj told Broadsheet that we can expect high-quality cocktails and craft beers. The arcade itself will be high-end.

“We didn’t want to set up a mass venue where the games would get trashed,” he said. “We won’t be serving drinks out of plastic red cups.”


Pre-loaded cards will be used to pay for games as well as food and drinks.

But the best news? During the week the machines will be set to free play.

Player one ready, we’re in.

Check out the vid up top.

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