A Perth man is facing a fine for parking his ute in his own driveway.

After parking his car as far as it’ll go in the driveway, Brad Hill’s car still sticks out onto the footpath, albeit only by about 60 centimetres.

A neighbour, however, dobbed Brad into the council and, nek minnit, a ranger came knocking.

“She gave me a verbal warning and she said if it keeps happening … fines can be given,” he told Seven News.

Brad’s driveway is 4.8m from the garage door to the letterbox, which was fine for his wife’s car, but his ute is 5.3m – so it’s never going to fit.

Not only does Brad keep his mowing stuff in his garage, there are no stopping lines which run 150m either side of his house. Seven reported that Brad’s verge was off-limits and parking on the verge across the road is banned.

So, other than cutting his ute in half, he’s a bit hamstrung.


He took the idea of building a bay into the nature strip to the City of Armadale, but it was rejected.

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