A Michigan man found $43,000 ($A62,800) in a couch he bought from an op shop… annnnd returned the cash back to the original owner.

Howard Kirby said he had the couch in his man cave for a few weeks before noticing the ottoman was unusually firm.

So, he and his daughter decided to open up the cushion where they found a total of $43,170.

He had bought it for $70.

Despite a lawyer telling him he had no legal obligation to return the money, he didn’t feel right, so Kirby reached out to the store to find out who had donated the couch.

The store tracked down Kim Fauth-Newberry, whose grandfather originally owned the couch but who died last year.

It could’ve been a very different ending.


Fauth-Newberry said her family considered burning the couch if they couldn’t find a thrift store to accept it.

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