Facebook Marketplace can turn up some truly run-of-the-mill, standard pieces. 

This piece is not that.

Gird your loins because some genius in Perth has converted your standard wheelie bin into one of the most bananas speaker stereos we’ve ever seen.

A true story of trash-to-treasure, clearly.

The seller, from Leeming, says the $998 price tag was set considering the value of components and the labour putting it together.

The rig works with Bluetooth, aux and is mains powered. While it has radio, it doesn’t have an antenna.

Here’s the specs:


120L Wheelie Bin

1600W Mono Pioneer Amp

12″ 1200W Kenwood Sub

2x 200W JVC speakers (Front)

2x Stock car speakers (Sides)

Kenwood KMM-BT302 head unit 200W RGB


20A Power Supply

Just don’t get it mixed up with the actual bin at your next party.


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