Perth Zoo has said goodbye to one of their old mates, Cuddles the reticulated python.

Described as a “magnificent animal”, Cuddles was more than 5 metres long and, in his prime, tipped the scales at around 50kgs.

His age wasn’t ever really known because, well, Cuddles was a rescue snake.

He had been kept illegally as a pet in NSW before he was placed at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, then onto Perth Zoo, but it was estimated that he was between 25 – 35 years.

He was also considered elderly.

Cuddles hadn’t been faring too well in recent years, particularly the past month.

“He lost a lot of weight and even though his keepers offered him his favourite foods, he was uninterested and inactive in spite of the excellent ambient temperature and humid conditions of his snakey home which should promote a good level of activity,” a post on Facebook said.


They said that Cuddles’ welfare was Perth Zoo’s priority “right up until the end”.