If you fill up on a Monday, you’re better off by $520 a year, the ACCC has found.

The report, which threw a spotlight on fuel cycles across all capital cities revealed that because the cheap day wasn’t as predictable across the country as it is in Perth, we were saving the most.

“The ACCC estimates that motorists in Perth, who fill up once a week — and always on the cheapest day of each week — could save themselves around $520 a year compared with always filling up on the most expensive day,” the ACCC said.

The cheapest day to buy petrol in Perth is Monday.

The most expensive day is Tuesday.

In other cities across Australia, the cycle is so unstable and varied that it can extend for up to three weeks.

People in Sydney who buy at the lower end of the market save about $175 a year, while those in Brisbane and Melbourne save about $150.


In Adelaide the saving is $200.

Despite there being driver info apps available over east, the ACCC believed FuelWatch was the difference.

“The consistency of price cycles in Perth has likely been influenced by the FuelWatch scheme, which has been in operation since 2001.”

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